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What Are Orgonites and How Do They Work?

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Did you know that an Austrian scientist was once jailed because of his radical theory about mankind’s ability to control orgone energy? That scientist was none other than inventor and scientist Wilhelm Reich, and even though his arrest was due to violating an FDA injunction, nothing deterred him from wanting to bring balance to the world.

Reich created the Orgone accumulator in the 1930s as a way to collect and store this life force energy. Through orgone energy, Reich believed that people could protect themselves from negative energy and turn it into vital energy.

Orgonites help to harness orgone energy. But how do you go about collecting orgone energy? And more importantly, how do orgonites work to bring balance to your life?

Orgone Energy: A Brief History

Franz Bardon, a German mystic, first explored the idea of orgone energy in his book, Hermeticism. In the 1930s, an Austrian scientist named Wilheim Reich discovered in his laboratory the vital energy that others had been referring to for quite some time. In other parts of the world, they call it Chi or Qi, Prana, Kundalini, Reiki, Mana, and in Western cultures call it Ether or Vacuum energy, Universal life force, Élan Vital, and other names. Dr. Reich empirically verified that this "ethereal" energy really existed. Reich named this vital energy Orgone. He continued experimenting and discovered how metals attract this energy.

German researcher Karl Hans Welz furthered Reich’s research in the 1990s by discovering a metallic alloy repels energy with a special resin and other materials. This improved the performance of Reich’s accumulator, which led to a more effective way of gathering and emitting positive energies.

In 2000, Don and Carol Croft continued Reich’s work by including quartz crystals in the compound that Reich created. They found that quartz prevents the entry of negative charges. Although they seem like beautiful decorations or jewelry, orgonites actually transform the environment in which they’re found.

What Are Orgonites?

Orgonites are a compound that absorbs and emits orgone energy. Orgonite can help to balance the body's energetic points (known as chakras), protect the body from harmful frequencies (such as radio, WiFi, 5G, computers, and microwaves), and improve your overall health. Orgonites can be made from a variety of different materials, including crystals, metals, and ceramics.

Orgonite is made from materials that are attracted to, gather, subdue, and enhance the electrical energy that has been emitted from the Earth's atmosphere over the years. It transforms chaotic and negative energy waves into vital energy so that it is in harmony with the environment. In turn, it produces reparative biological effects on living organisms.

Health Benefits of Orgonites

There are many benefits to using Orgonites in daily life. Some of these benefits include:

● Improved energy levels

● Better sleep

● Relief from stress and anxiety

● Improved mental clarity and focus

● Increased physical vitality and energy

● Better overall health and well-being

● Stronger immune system

● Improves the effects of aging

● Better circulation and muscle recovery

● Transformed energy of a home or personal space

● Effective as an insect repellant for healthier plants and gardens

These benefits are achieved by shielding a person or area from EMF radiation. It safeguards positive energy by keeping negative or harmful energy out. This negative energy can cause a variety of biological effects in the body, such as DNA fragmentation, cellular damage, and even fertility problems.

EMF radiation is all around us. But by warding off, we’re able to thrive as nature intended.

How to Use Our 7 Feminine Archetype Orgonites

Mila Tina recently partnered with Daniela Santibañez, a female artist and Reiki master from Chile and founder of “Arte Consciente” (“Conscious Art”) to create 7 orgonites that represents and harness the energy characteristics of the 7 feminine archetypes. Each of these Orgonite pieces is handmade and one of a kind. Small differences between them give them unique characteristics. Each Orgonite piece is made with metal, precious stones, and pigments for color, and formed into a symbolic geometric shape.

Our Orgonite pendants have been lovingly crafted into seven unique designs, each one representing a powerful feminine archetype that empowers and inspires. They are:

The Free-Spirited

Harness the power of audacity, youthfulness, kindness, and playfulness.

The Archetype: The free-spirited archetype or most commonly known as "the maiden" is frequently represented by women in the beginning of their lives because of her innocent and almost childlike qualities, but this Archetype can also be found in older women who have discovered their own personal abilities while maintaining the goodness of their hearts.

The Pendant: This pendant is made with a lapis lazuli stone, which gives wearers confidence and encouragement. It is also carved in the shape of a lotus flower, the Buddhist symbol for purity of the mind, body, and soul. The lotus flower is also known for its ability to grow in hard terrains such as swampy areas, representing the “maiden’s” resilience in life.

The Lover

Harness the power of passion, sensuality, creativity, friendliness.

The Archetype: The lover is a commonly portrayed archetype representing feminine sexuality, love, and beauty. Women who are considered the “lover” tend to be passionate and look to indulge in their natural instincts. They are often sensual and look to connect with others on a deeper level.

The Pendant: This pendant is a heart-shaped red coral stone, which promotes self-confidence and combats anxieties. This energy stone can also ward off negative energies and give the wearer strength. The pendant also has knots on the stone, symbolizing love and representing unity between lovers.

The Lioness

Harness the power of compassion, persistence, altruism, nourishment, and encouragement.

The Archetype: Women who identify with the lioness archetype tend to have a strong maternal instinct. They are driven by their desire to create life and care for others. Not only are they attentive, but they also provide support and protection to the ones they care about. They are compassionate and never give up.

The Pendant: The Lioness pendant is a circular blue turquoise amplifying stone. The stone is a protective healing stone that has been said to promote harmony and improve communication. The pendant also has the hand of Fatima, which is the symbol of motherhood. The hand of Fatima represents protection, femininity, love, fidelity, and loyalty, all dominant qualities of “mothers.”

The Huntress

Harness the power of strength, independence, commitment, self-reliance, and drive.

The Archetype: Women who are independent, goal-oriented, and strong tend to identify with the huntress. The “huntress” is not afraid to pursue her passions and create a life of her own. She channels her strength into intense focus and is never distracted by others. This archetype is often the most idealized by the women’s movement, which focuses on women’s empowerment and independence from men.

The Pendant: The Huntress pendant is made with the lluvia star, which is in the geometric shape of a star. The lluvia star is known as the stone of eternity, and it has been said to exist since ancient times. This stone favors concentration and can help you achieve your goals. The symbol presented on the pendant is the triskele, which represents learning throughout the past, present, and future.

The Sage

Harness the power of intelligence, practicality, sharpness, and strategy.

The Archetype: Women of the sage archetype tend to be worldly and knowledgeable. They learn as much as they can before forming opinions. This helps them add intelligent, well-informed views to the discussion. Many women in this archetype tend to make powerful attorneys, academics, and politicians. The “sage” can get the upper hand by gathering information and using it to strategize.

The Pendant: The Sage pendant is an amethyst quartz in the shape of a star. The amethyst quartz improves concentration which can be helpful for those who are looking to consume large amounts of information. It can also block negative energies and enhance memory. The pendant also has the OM symbol, which is the sacred syllable that combines the physical and spiritual realms.

The Mystic

Harness the power of concentration, self-reflection, peace, and relaxation.

The Archetype: The "Mystic" archetype describes introverted women who tend to focus on inner goals instead of external ones. They direct their energy towards spiritual and mental healing. Their ultimate mission is to achieve inner fulfillment. A woman who is considered “mystical” tends to prefer solitude and meditation. While this archetype is not as popularly portrayed in Western society, many women align with the qualities of the “mystic.”

The Pendant: The mystic pendant is a rectangular malachite stone that has a strong connection to the spiritual world. The energy is used to cleanse your chakras and can help you release your emotions. The symbol presented on this pendant is a triangle within a circle, which is used to represent unity and eternity.

The Queen

Harness the power of leadership, loyalty, sovereignty, devotion, and confidence.

The Archetype: The queen archetype consists of those who are natural-born leaders. The “Queens” are in charge at work, home, or even within friend groups. They are often stately and have the ability to command a room when necessary. Women who are part of the queen archetype also seek meaningful alliances among their friends and look for strong partners.

The Pendant: The Queen pendant is in the shape of a diamond, and it is made with pyrite. Pyrite stone symbolizes the ability to harness your own abilities to generate wealth. It also offers protection against criticism and manipulation of others. The pendant also has a sun on the face of the diamond, and it symbolizes the harnessing of your maximum potential.

Each pendant allows you to carry the protective powers of orgone energy with you wherever you roam. Place them in your home, car, or office, or attach them to a backpack, purse, or briefcase. They’re fashionable to wear around your neck to clear the energy wherever you go.

We’re excited to bring orgone energy and our orgonite pendants to more individuals that embrace empowerment, positivity, and an overall healthier well-being. Explore our collection of archetype pendants today!

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