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Based in New York, Mila Tina is a Chilean-American experience designer, producer, performer, educator, and business owner. Emerging from a family steeped in both music and art, she initially found her stride as a touring singer and musical director. However, her trajectory took a pivotal turn later in life when she discovered her true calling in drumming and performance arts.

Woman holding drumsticks

Driven by a fusion of passions for martial arts,  technology, and storytelling, Mila crafted a unique multi-sensory art form. This propelled her into the spotlight as a highly sought-after touring drummer and producer/DJ, establishing herself as a solo performer with a headlining show at international festivals like Envision.


One of her acclaimed multidisciplinary performance, showcased at conferences including Miami's Art Basel, go beyond musical skills. Mila produced an immersive experience called "Symbiotrix", offering real-time visualizations of frequencies within a martial artist's brain—exploring the symbiotic language of Mila's improvisational sound and rhythm with the movements of the Martial Artist.

Deeply engaged in the traditions of Western African drumming under the lineage of Babatunde Olatunji and Bana Kuma, Mila fortified her musical foundation. Collaborations with Grammy Award Winner Chris Berry not only enriched her artistic repertoire but propelled her into new dimensions of musical expression. Noteworthy collaborations with members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Paul Simon's rhythm section serve as a testament to her prominence in the dynamic and diverse musical landscape.

"Blending the expressive force of drumming, dance, martial arts, and visual arts, Mila Tina creates an immersive experience that delves into the intricate fabric of feminine energy and existence."



Mujer Luna stands as another soul-stirring multidisciplinary performance, distinct among Mila Tina's many productions. Mila combines the power of drumming, dance, martial arts, and visual arts to craft an immersive journey into the depths of feminine energy. Inspired by Maria Sabina's poetry, classical tango, Andean rhythms, and infused with rock and electronic dance music, this captivating performance garnered recognition at esteemed female-produced events, including Lesbian Who Tech and Gold Dust Womxn.


In addition to her artistic endeavors, Mila Tina co-founded and co-created RitmoFit XP, a fitness and wellness voyage that pioneered inclusive interval training. RitmoFit XP, created in collaboration with Alumbra Sport, merges dance, martial arts, breathwork, and air percussion. Using her knowledge of martial arts, self-defense, and eastern practices, Mila Tina collaborated on the development of an innovative exercise routine. While her original music pays tribute to remarkable women from history, her uplifting presentation helps women tap into their full potential.

Mila Tina is a dedicated advocate for the wellness of women, LGBTQ+ individuals, and the Latino community. Through her initiative, RitmoFit XP, she supports and empowers people by promoting wellness, fitness, and self-expression. Mila creates and leads workshops and programs that provide inclusive, joyful, and transformative experiences, helping participants discover their potential and connect with their inner strength. Her work with RitmoFit XP reflects her commitment to making a positive impact and fostering a sense of community and empowerment for all.