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A Singing and Drumming Online Workshop for

Soul Activation 

Vocal Freedom

Do you want to sing freely and confidently?

Have you felt shy singing in public?

Were you told you couldn’t sing?

Do you wish to sing without holding back?

Inner Fire Drumming

Want to infuse your life with the energy and creativity of drumming?

Ever felt the call of the drum but hesitated to answer?

Are you seeking to unleash your full potential and break through limitations?

Accelerated Learning

Ever wondered how some people seem to effortlessly absorb new skills and knowledge?

Are you open to exploring unconventional learning techniques that can lead to remarkable results?


As Seen On

Hi, we're Inana and Mila.


Our mission is to unleash the genius and creativity inside each one of us through the primal powers of singing and drumming. We're here to guide you in finding your own unique voice and inner rhythm, while conquering creative blockages.


We’ll give you our exclusive secrets that propelled us to arenas and top studios, with our never-before shared techniques that dramatically accelerate learning speed and capacity to rapidly acquire any skill.

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One-Of-A-Kind Online Workshop To Unlock Your Soul’s Deepest Expression

Tune in to your highest inspiration and inner guidance toward realizing your heart’s deepest calling. This is a dynamic exploration where we’ll dive into practices to activate your innate creative forces and embody your authentic expression. 

Practical Breakthroughs

As Seen On

  • Release Vocal Blockages and Boost Creativity: Techniques to identify and overcome blockages hindering your voice and creativity.

  • Build Singing Foundations and Technique: Comprehensive training on the fundamental aspects of singing, including pitch, tone, and vocal control.

  • Yoga of Singing and Breathing: Incorporate the principles of yoga to enhance your singing experience, focusing on breath control and the interconnectedness of body and voice.

  • Fun Vocal Exploration: Engage in enjoyable exercises to discover and play with the various facets of your voice, fostering creativity and expression.

  • Understanding the Voice-Body Connection: Explore the intricate relationship between your voice and your physical and emotional well-being, gaining insights into how these elements influence each other.

  • The Art of Fast Learning: ​Tools for Accelerated Learning. Discover effective mind-body techniques to enhance your drumming (and any!) skills rapidly.

  • Fun Grooves and Rhythms: Learn enjoyable grooves and rhythms effortlessly using our proven techniques.

  • The Secret of Embodiment: Experience deeper musical expression and connection through embodied drumming. Unlock the transformative power of embodiment, learning to synchronize your mind and body for enhanced rhythmic fluency. Through body-linguistics techniques, you'll embody rhythm in a profound way, tapping into your innate musicality and unleashing your expressive potential.

  • Enhanced Cognitive Function: Experience tangible improvements in memory, concentration, and problem-solving skills as you engage in the mentally stimulating activities of singing, drumming, and fast learning.

  • Practical Applications: Transfer the skills and knowledge gained through singing, drumming, and fast learning to various aspects of your life, from professional pursuits to personal hobbies, enriching every aspect of your daily life.

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Ignite your Creativity, Passion and Aliveness

This workshop is for those who love music and want to ignite their creativity, passion, and aliveness, through singing and drumming with unique techniques that we developed. 


Whether you have zero musical experience or you wanna get to the next level, we want you here with us.

Our one-of-a-kind online program, previously only available in-person at exclusive retreats and valued at $3,987, is now accessible at a special discount for a limited time for $111. Seize this opportunity before it expires, and secure your spot now!


Experience the Primal Powers of Singing and Drumming.

We’ve distilled what we learned from decades of experience, study, and research, into tools and techniques that worked for us, and for countless other students seeking to actualize themselves through the primal powers of singing and drumming.

Meet Your Guides

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About Inana

Inana (formerly known as Úyanga Bold) is a Mongolian recording vocalist, music entrepreneur, sonic transformational experience facilitator and internationally touring concert soloist with orchestra and choir, drawing from a life of global classical vocal studies and dedication to her instrument.


Her film, TV and video game soundtrack credits include Disney's Mulan, Spider-Man and the Avatar franchises, and her voice is featured in award winning projects for The Boston Ballet, Sony, Disney, Marvel, BBC, Burning Man, Google and Harvard.


“Her voice harkens back to ancient civilizations" (Forbes Magazine Romania), "Masterful range and consistency of singer Úyanga Bold... remarkable chops" (Electronic Musician Magazine), “Her stunning voice transports the listener with shamanic overlays and classical technique.” 

LA Yoga Magazine 


"Her musicality is virtuosic and her technical abilities are world class”

Dan Gross of Comedy Central's Drunk History


In their Fun and Fearless Female feature, Cosmopolitan Magazine Mongolia nominated her “Best Female Singer”.


Learn More About Inana

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About Mila

Based in New York, Mila Tina is a Chilean-American experience designer, producer, performer, educator, and business owner. Emerging from a family steeped in both music and art, she initially found her stride as a touring singer and musical director. However, her trajectory took a pivotal turn later in life when she discovered her true calling in drumming and performance arts.


Driven by a fusion of passions for martial arts,  technology, biohacking, and storytelling, Mila crafted a unique multi-sensory art form. This propelled her into the spotlight as a highly sought-after touring drummer and producer/DJ, establishing herself as a solo performer with a headlining show at international festivals like Envision.


Her acclaimed multidisciplinary performances, showcased at conferences including Miami's Art Basel, go beyond musical skills. Mila produced an immersive experience called "Symbiotrix", offering real-time visualizations of frequencies within a martial artist's brain—exploring the symbiotic language of Mila's improvisational sound and rhythm with the movements of the Martial Artist.


Immersed in the traditions of Western African drumming under the lineage of Babatunde Olatunji and Bana Kuma, Mila fortified her musical foundation. Collaborations with Grammy Award Winner Chris Berry further expanded her artistic repertoire. Noteworthy collaborations with members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Paul Simon's rhythm section solidify her prominence in the musical landscape.

Learn More About Mila

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Where Singing, Drumming and Dreams Meet

If you wanna sing and express yourself with confidence and power, and overcome any blockages or performance anxiety and want to learn how to learn anything fast
and have fun drumming, then Anima Codex is for you!

We're excited to meet you!

Your journey with us officially begins as soon as you secure your spot.


So don't miss out on an experience like no other where singing, drumming and dreams meet with fun, freedom and flow with us!

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