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Her Journey

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Mila Tina presents "Her Journey," a soul-stirring and thought-provoking multidisciplinary performance. The immersive experience Mila Tina creates examines the intricate fabric of feminine energy and existence by skillfully fusing the expressive power of drumming, martial arts, dance, and visual arts. With her innovative artistic vision, she reveals the inexhaustible diversity and complete spectrum of the female experience. Mila Tina invites the audience on an introspective voyage, delving into the mysteries of femininity and revealing its rich complexities, through captivating rhythms, evocative imagery, and enchanting movements. This artistic expression is a mesmerizing and profound experience that transcends boundaries. The synergy of drumming and visual arts highlights the diverse facets of existence in a captivating way.

In "Her Journey," Mila Tina makes use of her unusual approach to the instrument as a defining aspect of her artistic expression. The performer's decision to stand up during the act adds a new level of energy and emotion to the performance, resulting in a more dynamic and expressive display. The intentional choice made in this work serves as a powerful symbol, effectively representing the unwavering resilience and fortitude that is embodied within the feminine spirit. Mila Tina's performance exudes a powerful display of strength and determination, effectively capturing the essence of the indomitable feminine spirit. Her captivating portrayal invites audiences to witness a remarkable manifestation of this spirit.

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"...Jaw dropping power and mind blowing joy. The combinations of sensations we felt when Mila Tina performed her piece, “Her Journey” during our organization’s annual event made the evening an unforgettable event..."

Minerva Perez

Executive Director
OLA of Eastern Long Island

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